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HeY IT GuYs..."Create an online work request form"
1. Introduction

This project is about creating an online work request system for a Primary School(Telok Turau); which is capable of full filling all the functionalities of the existing work request form. This describes the current work flow and the difficulties faced by different types of users. This report is a description of the work done to attain the objectives, the problems faced during different stages of the project and the solutions for the problems. This report is divided into different chapters based on the steps followed towards achieving the main objectives. Scope planning, Design, Development, Implementation procedures and Testing are the main chapters.
These chapters are named according to strategies followed while developing the system.

Scope planning; this chapter provides information about the investigation done to justify the objectives of this online work request system. It also talks about the selection process of the designing tools, coding techniques last but not least the database to be used for online work request system. This also talks about the cost involved in the overall development. Key decisions on which tools to be used for developing web pages, the database used and the web server used are taken in this chapter.

Designing; this chapter talks about the overall process flow of the online work request system, the minimum number of the web pages, and the tables needed in the database. All these have been done keeping the objectives in mind. This also describes some of the problems faced during this stage and the solutions for it.

Development; this chapter goes in details into the setting of the web server, database and the coding. This includes the steps to follow while setting up the web server, the steps involved in setting up database to be accessed by the asp pages. It also talks about the issues arise during the development stage and it’s solutions.

Implementation and Testing: This chapter talks about the implementation procedures and testing done to ensure the functionalities for the system and to find the vulnerable area in the system. This includes testing done by the developers at different stages.
1.1 Background

As mentioned above this online work request system is for Telok Kurau Primary School (TKPS), it is important to have a basic understanding of the organization. Like any primary schools, TKPS has a well organized organizational structure starting with Principal, Vice Principal, HOD’s (Head Of Department), Administration staff, Teachers etc; over all there is 105 staffs. TKPS has an external vendor supporting all the computer systems and staffs; designated as Technology Assistant (TA). TKPS is one of the fully networked schools; which means every room has at least one network point. TKPS has their own server running under windows 2000 platform which is currently used for user account management and sharing files among the staffs.
The staff in TKPS needs any support from TA or any others; they have to fill up a work request form and submit it to the particular person. This form is used to keep track of the amount of work that has been done. Currently the form looks like in Figure 1
Problem statement:-
From requestors view-
Physically look for the form; which itself is an inconvenience since there is chances of not sufficient form
Submit to the respective person in and unable to locate the person in charge.

From person in charge’s view-
Lots of papers lead to the convenience of filing.
There is only one copy of the request; supervisor has little knowledge over the work needs to be done and work status.

This problem was there from the day TKPS started. This problem was raised by different teachers at different occasions. TKPS is one of the school which gives high attention for the computer related knowledge both for students and teachers. Several courses has been organized through out the years both for students and teachers. This made each and everyone aware of the capabilities of the computer system and Information Technology. More over the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore is promoting Information Technology for every student from primary schools. So computer knowledge has become a basic requirement for every teacher in schools.

Going online and finding the resources has become a routine for every teacher. To add on to their option, each staff of TKPS has given a computer system (desktop computer or notebook). So having an option to request work online is an advantage for everyone.

This project was proposed by TA to HOD of Information Technology. Although this project is headed by TA; any major decision in terms of the tools to be used, server to be used will be made by HOD of Information Technology (IT). All the design has to be approved by HOD of IT. Any changes to be made has to go through HOD of IT for approval.

1.2 Objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop a online work request system. It can be further divide into two in terms of user’s rights:
Common user:
Every user should be able to request work.
Each user should be able to view the status of the requested work.
User should be able to change their password.
Admin user:
User should be able to see the work requested by other users.
User should be able to update the status of the requested work.
User should be able to Add, Edit and Delete other users.
User should be able list all the work assign to him for printing.

There should be a notification system for the admin users so that the request can be processed.


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